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Be Honest... Do You Know How Your Pension Is Invested?

22nd January 2021

Be Honest... Do You Know How Your Pension Is Invested?

Be honest, how many of you are contributing to your pension and have never checked to see how its invested?

There are thousands of pension funds available to UK investors, some are excellent, some not so much! If you are a member of a workplace scheme you are likely to be placed into a default option to save on administration, instead of being the most suitable option for you & your goals. Even a small change to your investment strategy and your saving rate compounded over your working life can make a substantial change to when you can afford to retire.

Please treat your pension as a very important component of your financial plan, not just as a monthly deduction from your payslip!

If you would like a free review of your existing pension plan please get in contact.

By Chris Todd - Chartered Financial Planner, 22nd January 2021

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