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2021 Scam Update

22nd January 2021

2021 Scam Update

Just two weeks into a new year and already we have seen two new scam attempts on our clients. 

The one that we managed to stop in time was probably the most carefully put together scam that I have ever seen. It didn’t promise unrealistic returns of 20% per month but instead appeared to guarantee 4% a year. This is a new tactic for fraudsters; offer returns that are almost plausible and fewer people will be suspicious. This scam pretended to be an offering from HSBC and used part of a genuine HSBC document, with the fraudulent details inserted. Thankfully the individual who was offered this by phone, sent me the details before he invested his £100,000 – a wise move that avoided an immediate total loss had he sent the money. Knowing that a guaranteed return of 4% is not currently possible was the biggest clue that this was a fraud but there were a few other indicators. The email address that sent the document wasn’t quite a genuine HSBC address and the email account was set up 2 months ago in China. There was no mention of this investment on the genuine HSBC website and when I spoke directly to HSBC via their website, they confirmed that it was a fraud. 

The other fraud that we didn’t get to hear about in time to stop it involved cryptocurrencies and despite warning about it last year, we are still hearing of people being conned into putting money into trading platforms, which are either illegitimate or can be easily accessed by hackers.

We continue to offer a free of charge independent second opinion service to all our clients should you hear about an investment opportunity. Never invest with out checking with us first.

By David Hill - Chartered Financial Planner, 22nd January 2021

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