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Who We Are

Hills Financial Planning is owned by David Hill, an Accountancy Graduate from Queens University with over 20 years experience in Financial Planning. David is one of the few advisers to be qualified as a Certified Financial Planner and as a Chartered Financial Planner, the highest level of Financial Planning qualification in the industry. Hills Financial Planning specialise in professional investment portfolio construction and Inheritance Tax planning.

Hills Financial Planning are proud to be one of only seven Chartered Financial Planning firms in Northern Ireland and provide financial planning to individuals and companies throught the whole of the UK.

Our online whole of market wrap service allows selected clients to view their entire portfolio values and details at the touch of a button.

Hills Financial Planning is a trading name of Hills Insurance Services Ltd which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA number 300999.)

Meet The Team

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How We Are Paid

Previously, financial advisers could be paid by way of commission based on a percentage of the premiums payable or sums invested. This is no longer allowed for investment-related products under regulatory changes introduced as part of the Retail Distribution Review, which took effect on 31 December 2012. We will explain to you exactly how much our advice will cost and reach an agreement over how you will pay for it.

We will always agree our fees with you upfront and in advance of any chargeable work being carried out. During our first meeting we will be able to tell you how much your detailed Wealth Management Plan would cost and how much it would cost to carry out any implementation work such as setting up trusts or pension funds.

How We Work

Before we meet, we will send you out a short questionnaire to complete. This allows you to detail what it is you would like to achieve and what issues you would like us to focus on. It also allows us to prepare fully for your meeting so that we can make the time you spend with us as beneficial as possible for you. In many cases, we can answer your questions and do everything you need us to do in the first meeting for which we charge £217. This meeting tends to last up to two hours. For those who have more complex circumstances, we will go on to prepare a detailed wealth management plan, the cost of which we will agree at your first meeting.

In almost all cases we are able to make arrangements which clients would be unable to make for themselves. All our proposals will be fully explained and costed so that you'll know exactly what you need and why before you agree to anything.


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The FCA requires that certain information be provided to the client prior to business being transacted so that the relationship between the client and the firm is clearly stated and understood.

Some of our documents use the Keyfacts logo required by the Financial Conduct Authority. To access the FCA's own website click here. To access further information about money matters you can view The Money Advice Service here.

Please download and read the following documents which are provided in Adobe Acrobat format.

Where you have a compliant or dispute with us and we are unable to resolve this to your satisfaction then we are obliged to offer you the Financial Ombudsman Service to help resolve this. Please see the following link for further details - http://financial-ombudsman.org.uk


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